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The header photo is a wall in the Depot Art District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Split the Sky

This leaves me a little speechless.
It is simply a cloud reflecting the light of the rising sun,
but it looks like the sky is splitting open.
This was directly above me,
so I just looked straight up
and snapped the photo.
I guess even from 93 million miles away
when the blazing glory of our home star
reflects simultaneously on gazillions
of airborne water droplets
the resulting splendor is

Taken today (28 January 2011).


  1. It is splendid. I will return to it several times, because when I stare at it, I see different images. Try it.

  2. You couldn't have picked a better title for that post! That shot is amazing! Thanks for posting.

  3. Absolutely the right word..SPLENDID.!

  4. Cool catch!
    Eight minute wonder! ;)

  5. Glad you were looking up!

  6. Thanks, everybody. I was really glad I had my camera with me at that moment.

    JJ, I was experiencing the same thing - lots of different "visions" within that cloud/light formation.

    Photogal, looking up is good. I try to look up as much as possible - keeps the vocal cords free and unrestricted for singing and shouting!