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The header photo is a wall in the Depot Art District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Walk Around the Bay

On a recent day off from work,
the sun was shining
the sky was clear and beautiful
so my wife and some friends decided
to talk a walk.
This "fence" is about halfway along the walk.
I think it was put there to discourage people
from walking on the iceplant,
but it put me in mind of a Shinto gate -
interesting, since a hundred years ago,
Japanese immigrant fishermen lived where we were walking.

The park at Lover's Point.

Looking back at Lover's Point across the beach.
Same palm tree in the last two pictures.

A wondrous place to rest, think, pray,
share a quiet moment with a loved one.

Hey, don't forget to "click in" so you can
see the pictures larger and larger!

You can see the mountains on the other side of the bay.
This is not always the case here!

Thank you for joining me on this rare multi-pic jaunt.
By the way, the title is a bit of a misnomer.
We did not actually walk all the way around the bay.


  1. Such beautiful frothy waves! Thanks for taking us along!

  2. indeed, the rocky part of the shore is very beautiful...
    please have an excellent week...

  3. What a gorgeous place for a walk! Wonderful photos! Thanks for posting many.

  4. I just love the first picture! There is a lot to think about it. Precious.

  5. Beautiful pictures--I want to be there to take a walk too! Lovely shoreline and ocean.

  6. Good shots all, but I love the fence!

  7. Many thanks to all for your comments.

    You are all welcome to join us for a walk anytime!

    There really is something spiritual about that fence, the way it is cast against the clear blue sky... and is just a single "section" - alone but stalwart, like a guardian or sentry

  8. Brings back memories..
    The Central Coast of California.