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The header photo is a wall in the Depot Art District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Street Art #10: Washington, DC

I was just walking to the Safeway (grocery store) from my hotel.
In fact, I got lost because I was looking for a big ol' parking lot;
most Safeways I have experienced over the past forty years or so
have LARGE signage and parking lots that take up more space
than the store itself.
This Safeway did not even have it's own parking lot at all,
and it had a rather unassuming entrance
at the corner of a high-rise apartment building.
I finally found it, though, and snagged some snackage.

this photo is not of the Safeway store (really?)

This art installation grabbed my attention.
It is done in grafitto style,
but it is sheet metal
cut, layered, and painted.


  1. I love it! I don't see the connection to Safeway, but the art is clever. I guess it simply attracts attention.

  2. Congrats on your "Stylish Blogger" award. It's always nice to get alittle recognition. Like the metal sign pic. Those are some nice cars in the last post too. I have friends that collect antique cars and would love to have those sitting in their garage.

  3. Great art and quite clever. You always have such interesting finds.

  4. Nice catch Ed!
    Thank you for sharing..
    Nice to see the bicycle go by :)

  5. Wow that is quite amazing!

  6. Odd wall sculpture! It looks alternately like ocean waves and Chinese