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The header photo is a wall in the Depot Art District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spiral Art

Art installation suspended from the ceiling
in the Monterey Convention Center.

It looks a bit different from alternate angles:

I didn't find a plaque or sign that would tell me the artist and title.
I would love to know the story of its conception, creation, and installation.

It is like:
Jacob's Ladder
birds in flight

Be sure to click on the pics for closer inspection!


  1. Love it!! I like the "It is like" examples too.

  2. I agree with forgetmenot. I'm enjoying your descriptions lately as much as your photos. :)

    It reminded me of the old Spyrograph drawing toy thingy from MANY years ago - you know the outer plastic ring with the inner round circle you put into it and then circle around and around with a pen to make designs sorta like this artwork.

  3. These are beautiful. It is like the list you mention.