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The header photo is a wall in the Depot Art District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cherry's #9

I am always convinced that these automobiles speak for themselves.
They are simply art on wheels.
Besides, they usually leave me more or less speechless.
Silence Is Golden.
Better to be seen and not heard.
So I'll shut up already
and let the pics
have their
thousand words.

Don't forget to click on 'em for a closer look,
and click on 'em a second time for an even closer look!


  1. Haha! Thank god you know when to shut up and let the pix do the talking!! Great shots - is it possible to take a bad shot of these cars??

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Money on wheels, I always say... :)

  4. Great stuff! I'm a follower.

  5. Man, what a beautiful ride! As a retired Master Automotive Tech and life long gearhead these shots really strike a chord with me. Well done, Ed!

    Before I wander off I'd like to thank you for the Stylish blogger award. As a relative newbie to blogging I am very flattered! Now, off to pay it forward!

  6. These photos take me back to my early teen years when I lived in Los Angeles (late 40s) ...so many of my slightly older contemporaries were into the building of hot rods...made me jealous!

    This one is so beautiful! My first car (when I was about 15) was a 1937 Chevy...I lowered it, decked it, installed a radio, put on fender skirts, etc. It was pretty cool!

    With regard to your award: We thank you very much, and we are greatly pleased and grateful that you thought of Ocala Daily Photo as worthy of the award.

    But...we decided some time ago that we would no longer accept any blog awards...it got to be too much - everyone was giving out awards and they rather lost their meaning.

    Thus, all of our blogs at this point are "award free."

    I hope you will understand where we're coming from. And as I've said, we feel very honored that you considered us for the award.

    Our best wishes to you! You've got a fine thing going here. Sorry I don't get here as often as I should...sometimes I just can't find the time to visit all of my favorite blogs!

    Have a wonderful weekend!