Header Attribution

The header photo is a wall in the Depot Art District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Sundry castoffs that have supposedly served their purpose,
gathered together randomly,
yet they seem to be huddled together in determined solidarity,
like long estranged family members
posing to preserve a moment of reunion.

Taken 8 October 2010.


  1. Interesting image. It's surprising what I can find along the beach near my home. Washed up items similar to these can often be found. Good photographic subjects...!

  2. Interesting. It's funny how things just seemingly happen by chance. But, do they?

  3. Thanks, y'all! And for the record, I did not re-arrange any of the objects; I just took the picture the way I found them.

    You're so right, Clint. "Chance" is a funny thing. Not really a big believer in it myself. Destiny? Fate? Coincidence? Hmmmm....?

  4. I am so glad you take things other than scenes. One of my goals is to take more pics of ordinary things.


  5. Thank you, photogal! I visited your blog - enjoyed your photos; especially like the "randomness in the car" series - my kind of pics.