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The header photo is a wall in the Depot Art District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Am I Blue?

The other night as I watched one of the last games of the regular baseball season on TV, I was drinking the last drop of my glass of water when this vision caught my eye.
I thought, "If my eye can see it, my camera can capture it."
So I grabbed my trusty Canon and fired a shot.
Here's the result.
More interesting than I expected, it evokes a kind of sci-fi time warp spider web go-toward-the-light effect.


  1. Wow, this became an exciting picture. Like it:)


  2. This unusual photo reminds me of some kind of SciFi porthole!

  3. It looks a little like the inside of Dr Who's Tardis. Great shot though.

  4. I swear I looked at that and thought it was the bottom of one of those big ole water "thingys". YOu know, the things that you turn the spigot and get bottled water. WHATTTTT is it called?

  5. Thanks for your comments, y'all!

    Hey, you're right, Virginia! It does look like that. I usually call 'em "big ole water 'thingys'" myself. :)

    Bill - I haven't thought about Dr. Who's Tardis in forever; but on my way home from work today I saw a bumper snicker that read, "My other car is a Tardis." What are the odds I'd be reminded of the Tardis twice in the same day? I must be about to embark on an exciting adventure!! Yay!