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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bossley and Shadow

Shadow, the Australian Shepherd, and
Bossley, the Pug.

Inspired by Ken Mac's recent retriever post at his fantastic site:

I searched my archives to find a few pics of my current two favorite best friends.
A couple of years ago, our human best friends and we each adopted a young dog on the same day.
They took Shadow home, and we took Bossley home.
The two dogs have the most extraordinary friendship I have ever witnessed between two dogs.
They love each other utterly and unconditionally.
As soon as we speak Shadow's name, Bossley is anxious to hop in the car and go for a visit.
When we turn onto their street, he can hardly contain himself.
I think they remember being "convicts" together at the ASPCA.

They are just awesome.


  1. Buenas fotografias... te sigo... un cordial saludo, Rodisi

  2. Gracias, Rodisi; y un gran cordial saludo para ti, también. ¡Y mi perro dice hola a usted, también!

  3. Caro: eu e Mhanna, minha filha poodle, te mandamos abraços.
    Estaremos te seguindo.
    Um bom dia trivial!

  4. Obrigado para seus comentários, Arte. Eu desejo o melhor para você e Mhanna!

  5. Shadow is beautiful but Bosley...what a handsome pug!! And what a nice friendship. Wonderful all around!