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The header photo is a wall in the Depot Art District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Peeking at Tea

At a local Chinese restaurant I took the opportunity to peek inside the teapot.
We were drinking - oh - something like Jasmine Orange Spice Pomegranate Raspberry Essence of Oak Barrel Green Tea with Acai-berry aftertones - it was aromatic and delicious.
I dig how the tea bundle is all nestled cozily in the undulant wire strainer.

Taken sometime in October 2010.


I forgot.


The metadata informs me that this particular photo was snapped at precisely
12:08pm on 1 October 2010.

Can't hide from metadata.


  1. Now this is an image and view we don't see photographed often. Very creative and fun!

  2. I've never thought to look in there but I will the next time!

  3. metadata!
    i love it.
    i laugh being so detail inferior myself.
    great shot.


  4. Who would have thought of looking in there and taking that image- brilliant thought and observation and a super image.