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The header photo is a wall in the Depot Art District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chair #1: Tampa

For some reason,
I seem to find lonely, empty chairs
in various and sundry places
most everywhere I go.
This one is on the patio of "my" hotel in Tampa, Florida.
It is just outside the bar,
and as you can see, steps from the "beach."
These solitary chairs
always put me in mind of "time out."
I figure someone must've been involuntarily separated
from the crowd to give them some alone time.

This new series will feature many different types of
chairs in many different locations.
Possibly this is only interesting to me,
but hey it's my blog.
I hope you enjoy it, too, though!

This photo was taken on 2 August 2010.


  1. Oh I disagree. Involuntary separation, nay! Some hermitish person such as myself NEEDED a break from the populace and sought refuge in a quieter place - a few seconds of peace before returning to the onslaught which is humanity! :)

  2. Looks most inviting. Put me in front of a body of water with a drinkeepoo and some time to reflect....

  3. Actually, Tex, that was more along the lines of what I really pictured, too; probably because I often prefer to find a solitary place of refuge myownself.

    Clint: "drinkeepoo"... I love it.